About this site

I am a Canadian writer, translator and photographer currently traveling around the globe and letting it challenge my Western preconceptions about culture, consumerism and the various ways we communicate with each other.

I enjoy writing about culture, language, photography and sharing my observations on daily life in a foreign country.

As a communication professional, I am also interested in the different ways businesses advertise their services and what I can learn from these many perspectives. Some of the articles on this site point to writing work I have done for clients. I am currently writing, editing and translating content in the fields of ethnic marketing, consulting, software development and travel.

I also love to capture scenes from daily life in the places I visit — images that inspire the topics I choose to write about. These often feature the hard-working women in developing lands that I have come to know and admire for their resilience and grace. 

For professional inquiries, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.

Pour toute demande de rédaction ou de traduction d’un article en français, veuillez communiquer avec moi par LinkedIn

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